A New Way to Open Mount.Emei

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Do not think Mount Emei is only used to see, here introduced a new way to open mount Emei-precipitation life.

The city brings you countless conveniences, such as the convenience of shopping, the convenience of living, the convenience of food and clothing, but it also brings you the convenience of noise, the convenience of haze, the convenience of complex interpersonal relationships.

You have food and clothing, what you want to get, but can you drive away the noise? Can you drive away the haze? Can you really and completely settle down to write, think, and retreat? Time to slip away step by step, the physical condition is not a day to get better, from the window to browse the streets of young men and women gallop over the figure, whether feel a hint of loss, perhaps can be repeated, may also be able to find the footsteps of youth.

Then open Mount Emei in a brand-new way with me. First of all, we have to say your case, you can't just have to go to work to earn income to support family, of course, you also have to be a very thoughtful person.


Well, try to prepare more food, besides, wine, beer, and liquor also can come a little bit, don't buy too much, that will be sorry for yourself. Cigarettes, I think they are the most unnecessary. Bring more fruit, milk, yogurt, noodles, canned fish, porridge rice. Of course, these are your own like to cook food under the premise of the needs.


There is also a so important tip: bring enough clothes and shoes and socks, the climate at high altitude areas are cold, do not let yourself catch a cold.

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