Let’s talk about Chinese Food(5)

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Fujian Cuisine sources from the native cooking style of Fujian Province and shares a few common characteristics with nearby Taiwan and Guangdong. There’s a wealth of seafood and woodland-based ingredients forming dazzling choices for diners.


The unique practice of adding red rice wine and shrimp oil to seafood, chicken and bamboo dishes, aims at improving their flavors. Almost every dish is served with soup just as the local saying goes: no meal is truly complete without soup (不汤不行)

Recommended Fujian Food

Three Cups Sauce(三杯鸡)


Buddha Jumping Over the Wall (Sea Food and Poultry Casserole)(佛跳墙)


Tai Chi Prawns(太极明虾)


Fujian Cuisine Characteristicsseafood, woodland-based ingredients, soup

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