Let’s talk about Chinese Food(6)

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Hunan Cuisine 湘菜- Spicy and Sour

Hunan Province provides a menu rich with a potent punch of chili, so the uninitiated may easily mix up the cooking styles of Hunan and Sichuan.


Yet the special characteristics of Hunan Cuisine focus on pickled chilies and vegetables, sour relish and a heavier use of a kind of fatty preserved meat called larou in Chinese, tasting a bit like smoky bacon.

Recommended Hunan Food

Spicy Chicken(麻辣子鸡)


 Steamed Fish Head with Diced Spicy Red Peppers(剁椒鱼头)


Steamed Ham(腊味合蒸)


Hunan Cuisine Characteristics: pickled chilies and vegetables, sour relish, larou

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