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Do you remember the late night canteen played by Kobayashi Kaoru?He is a silent man,but always heal and raise up youngers,who is in difficulty.

But,how about if EMEI Mount has late night canteen?


Uncongealed tofu

Its said uncongealed tofu orginated in han dynasty,since then,become chinese nations characteristic of food.The south uncongealed tofu is different with north.north plus with sweet,on the contrast,south plus with pepper!



This seemingly simple food can be eaten at the end of the emei street.if you eat a bowl of unconglead tofu in winter,the whole body will be warmed.

Fried food

It seems nothing cant be fried in emei!From vegetables to meat,any food you want to fried is ok.

Roasted fish

Are you afraid of fishbone when you eat fish?Dont be worry,our hotel uses no fishbone fish.The roast fish is continuously rated as the first food of the brow.so,if there are late night canteen,happy hotels roasted fish must be one of them.

The delicious food is much more than that,three days and three nights are not over.Share it here today,,share it next time.


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