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From the moment we got there, the service was excellent. We were offered a choice of rooms, served tea, they carried our bags to our room (no lift), and gave us a great orientation for visiting the mountains. Cary was full of information which she was more than happy to share. After breakfast the next day, the hotel manager asked us what she could buy us for breakfast on our subsequent days there as she wanted to make us happy. We gave her a list and she promised to have it for us the next day. Unfortunately, it poured the whole day, the hotel was packed, guests needed attention and by the time she got to the store it was closed. But did she conveniently forget about her promise? No! She explained to us what happened and told us that she would have it for us the next day. And she delivered. The rooms were made up every day, the whole place was spotless, the food was delicious and the hotel was in a great location as well. We even had use of a router in our room so we received a consistently strong signal. I couldn't recommend this place highly enough. Stay here and you won't be disappointed.
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